12 Clever Ways to Save Money for Your Dream Holiday

We all have that one dream holiday; the destination that sits at the very top of your travel bucket-list. Perhaps it’s the white-washed walls of Greece, the snow-capped peaks of Switzerland, or the endless plains of Africa.

No matter your dream, to help you make it a reality, here are 12 of our favourite suggestions to help you save money for your dream trip:

Turn your nights out to nights in

Whether that be games night, movie night or wine night, have each guest bring a snack to share with the group.

Take advantage of happy hour

It’s unrealistic to think that you won’t go out every now and again, but you can be smart about when and where you go to save a few dollars.

Open a travel credit card

You’ll rack up miles for what you do spend so you can save on flights in the future!

… and SAVE those miles for long-distance trips!

Track your spending

While it might sound tedious, watching where you are spending the most money will help you to know where you can cut back a bit.

Try meal prepping

Not only is preparing your meals in advance a great way to stick to a healthy diet, but it will reduce the amount of food you are wasting and the amount of money you’re spending.

Track the cost of flights

Apps like Hopper can help with this – they show you the ideal time to book a flight affordably.

Travel during the off-season

Flights, hotels, food and activities are all cheaper and the crowds fewer!

Open a non-withdrawal saving account

Having an account without a card that you can swipe on spontaneous purchases is a must!

Set aside an amount of money per paycheck for travel

It will add up quicker than you think!

Ready to turn your dream holiday into a reality? Let us help you, check out our tours here!

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