Beginners Guide to British Slang

Although a hop, skip and a jump across the globe might land you in an English speaking country, don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to communicate with the Brits because of different dialects, heavy accents and unfamiliar colloquialisms. Have a look at the terms below and use this as your starter guide for understanding British slang.

Blimey – My goodness

Snog – Kiss

Chuffed – Proud

Crisps – Chips

Tosser – Idiot

Bloody – Used for emphasis

Chips – Hot chips

Chap – Male

Ace – Excellent

Gutted – Very sad

Bants – Banter

Codswallop – Rubbish/nonsense

Dishy – Good looking

Know your onions – Knowledgeable

Miffed – Annoyed

Skint – Broke

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